DIMPLEX HEAT PUMPS Air Source Heat Pumps

LA MI Range

  • Variable output levels and low starting current
  • Installed outdoors, so minimal indoor space required
  • Flow temperatures from 25oC to 55oC
  • Weather compensated
  • Operational temperatures from -20oC to +35oC 
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel inner frame

Model range:
LA 6 MI - 6kW, single phase
LA 9 MI - 9kW, single phase
LA 12 MI - 12kW, single phase
LA 16 MI - 16kW, single phase

Dimplex LA MI range efficiency

For the purposes of comparison, it is normal to state air source heat pump CoP at an air temperature of 7ºC and water heating temperature of 35ºC (A7/W35), tested to the appropriate EN standard:

LA 6 MI - CoP:4.4
LA 9 MI - CoP: 4.1
LA 12 MI - CoP: 4.67
LA 16 MI - CoP: 4.23

Performance characteristics and CoPs of the LA MI range at a range of varying operating conditions are listed in the Technical Specifications section.


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